Best Green Gadgets for 2019

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Best Green Gadgets for 2019

With sustainable living and a “green lifestyle” gaining more momentum each year, technology manufacturers are coming up with increasingly clever gadgets to help make this lifestyle more attainable for the average person.

Technology has given us the power to make our lives more efficient and sustainable – and to save energy at the same time. The core of a green lifestyle is being more environmentally friendly by reducing your use of natural resources and protecting the limited resources the Earth offers us.

Below we outline our favorite green gadgets that are sure to make your 2019 much more enjoyable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

go sun solar energy device

GoSun Portable Solar Cooker – Cooking outdoors no longer requires a bulky stationary grill. With the new portable solar cooker from GoSun, you can easily cook your food outdoors utilizing nothing but solar energy.

This device works by harnessing even the smallest amount of natural light to help you cook delicious “green” meals while simultaneously saving energy. Sustainable living has never been easier – or tasted better.


kangaroo motion energy plans green living

Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor – If you’re looking for a green and affordable way to better secure your home, this could be the device for you. The wireless sensor is quick to set up, with its peel-and-stick installation feature, which integrates directly with your smartphone for easy use.

The sensor can be programmed to contact either emergency services or your smartphone if any disturbances are detected. And, at around $30, this may be the best home security investment you ever make.


solar Flashlight green devices green energy

Secur Solar LED Flashlight – This flashlight requires no batteries and is completely waterproof, making it the ideal energy-saving tool for unexpected circumstances.

The Secur Solar Flashlight has a built-in generator and solar panel, making it easy to use in almost any situation. At only about $23, this makes for an essential and affordable addition to your sustainable living toolkit.





b-hyve sprinkler green living green energy

B-Hyve Sprinkler Timer – This is a must for all green-loving homeowners who want to keep their lawns fresh while not wasting water and energy in the process.

This sprinkler system waters your lawn based on its particular features and biological needs. With its smartphone app, you can keep better track of your lawn no matter where you are.



fridgecam green living technology devices

FridgeCam Smart Refrigerator Camera – With this device, those days of wondering if you’re almost out of milk are no more. This small camera easily attaches to the inside of almost any fridge and gives you instant access to what’s inside by taking a photo every time you open the door. You can then simply check your smartphone and see what you might need to stock up on.

This device also identifies and keeps track of the expiration dates of what you put inside your fridge and alerts you when those dates are approaching. With FridgeCam, fewer trips to the store means less energy usage. The FridgeCam will be available in the US in the Summer of 2019.


Go green and be energy smart. With each passing year, more of your household devices are jumping on the green energy and sustainable living bandwagons. We hope this list provides a valuable way for you to stay on top of green energy trends.