6 Green Living Podcasts to Check Out Now

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6 Green Living Podcasts to Check Out Now

The rise of podcasts over the past several years definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed by people who want to live better and use less energy. According to Nielsen Podcast Insights, 26% of U.S. households in 2018 were monthly podcast listeners – up from 24% in 2017.

In fact, no matter what your particular area of interest may be, there’s almost certainly a podcast dedicated to it.

With podcasts being one of the most entertaining and effective ways to learn about a new subject, we’ve outlined six below that focus on different areas of green living that you’ll definitely want to check out in 2019.


green energy podcast

  1. The Energy Gang – This weekly podcast is produced by Greentech Media and covers anything and everything related to green tech, the environment, and current events.

Hosted by energy specialist, Jigar Shah, and Greentech EIC, Stephen Lacy, this podcast discusses larger macro issues when it comes to green energy, including the technological, political, and market forces at work. The Energy Gang is a perfect source of information for anyone looking for a broader perspective on the energy industry as a whole.




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  1. Direct Current – If you’ve ever wondered whether the word “creative” could be used to describe an energy-related podcast produced by the U.S. Department of Energy, then Direct Current is your answer!

This podcast does a wonderful job of mixing humor, storytelling, skits, and sound effects with the latest in energy news as it affects all Americans. If you’re looking for a good laugh while you learn, this is the podcast for you.





energy business podcast electricity and natural gas

  1. The Energy Transition Show – For those interested in the business of green energy as a profession, this could be the podcast for you. Hosted by Chris Nelder from the Rocky Mountain Institute, this one-hour show focuses on global markets and the green energy sector by interviewing experts in those fields.

This is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in a possible career or any potential business applications of green living.





green dreamer podcast green energy plans

  1. Green Dreamer – This podcast on ethical and sustainable living is hosted by Kaméa Chayne and focuses on interviewing prominent figures in the green living space. Each podcast is roughly 30 minutes and features insights from many notable “green visionaries” and entrepreneurs.

This is an ideal podcast for someone interested in making green living a bigger part of both their personal and professional lives.





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  1. Low Tox Life – For information on how to implement green living into your personal life and increase your happiness as a result, Low Tox Life is your go-to source. Hosted by Alexx Stuart, this podcast focuses on tips for personal sustainability, improved health, and practical ways to live a more green life while still existing in the modern world.

This podcast is ideal for anyone looking for information on green living as it relates to personal happiness, health, and wellness.





green divas energy living podcast

  1. The Green Divas – This podcast is a weekly show centered on addressing many green living issues in a fun and humorous way. Hosted by Megan McWilliams, this show covers green living tips, environmental issues, and interviews with numerous green living experts.

This is the perfect podcast for someone interested in learning more about green living – in an entertaining and low-stress way.


We hope these 6 podcasts help you enjoy more of the benefits of green living in your own life in 2019.



Powervine Energy is providing the preceding content for information and entertainment purposes only and does not necessarily endorse the comments, opinions, or statements made on these podcasts. Enjoy!