Greening Your Business

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Greening Your Business

As going green becomes more popular, we know not just individuals are making changes. Businesses are jumping onboard as well. This is a result of not only business owners becoming increasingly environmentally conscious on their own, but also a response to customers’ demands as well. Consumers often choose to make their purchases from businesses that align with their values (and consequently, punishing those that don’t by taking their business elsewhere).

We will show you some simple ways that you can green your businesses (and let customers know) without breaking the bank. In fact, there’s a good chance you can also leverage these ideas to increase your profits as a result.

  1. Making Going Green Part of Your Company Culture

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re making a conscious and public effort to integrate authentic green promotion into your actions, customers will reward you as a result.

Create a list of green energy goals for your business and keep customers up to speed on your progress. This could involve a place on your website or a posting in your physical store. Encourage your employees to participate and ask for their input and ideas. There’s a good chance that many of them will be happy to take the ball and run with it for you.

And be sure to use the power of social media to share news about your green efforts. This is likely the first place customers will learn about them so don’t miss the chance to make an instant connection.

  1. Make Your Products and Service Green

Like it or not, going forward customers will be seeking out green products and services and give their money to companies that offer them. In order to stay ahead of this trend, it will become increasingly important to offer customers these options to the best of your ability. While the degree that each business owner can do this will vary, the simple fact that you are making a genuine effort will be enough to satisfy customers in most cases.

This could be as simple as using LED light bulbs and green cleaning products in your store. Even having a recycling bin near your door or installing a water filtration system shows customers you are making the small efforts to promote green causes.

Most customers understand that a complete overhaul to green products or services is too expensive for the average business. That’s why these small efforts will usually be enough to keep you in their good graces.

  1. Partner with Other Green Businesses and Vendors

Teaming up with other green suppliers, vendors, and partners will go a long way toward establishing your own business as a green business by association. Whether that means selling products from other green companies in your stores, teaming up with delivery services that use hybrid vehicles, or purchasing green materials for your own products, every effort you make will be rewarded with your customers’ loyalty as a result.

  1. Promote Local Fundraising Events

Few things will do more to promote your business as a green supporter than getting involved in a local charity or fundraising event. And the more green-focused the events are, the better. Doing this on a regular basis will do wonders for your public image as well as give you the confidence that you are supporting something meaningful in your community.

This could be as simple as planting trees, sponsoring a park clean-up effort or getting involved in environmental fundraising campaigns. Adopt a green cause that truly connects with your own values and if possible, your particular industry, and you’ll find these efforts will soon be gift that keeps on giving.