How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?

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How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?

When it comes to washing our clothes, many people have a strict policy of washing every piece of clothing after each wear. But is this really necessary? Is there a more eco-friendly option that doesn’t also involve having smelly clothes?

The answer is yes, and we’ll show you how.

The goal for each of us should be to find the perfect blend of cleanliness, energy conservation, doing minimal laundry, and not wearing out our clothes with excessive washing. To find this perfect blend, you simply need to adjust your washing schedule depending on each clothing item.

Let’s go through each item individually and the best wash schedule to use.

It should go without saying that underwear and socks should be washed after every use. This policy also extends to basic t-shirts, tank tops, hosiery, gym clothes and swimsuits due to their fabric and more intimate contact with your body. Pajamas may be worn more than once before washing and robes can go even longer in between washings.

What about common items like jeans, shirts, and sweaters?

It turns out that jeans can (and probably should) be worn several times before you add them to your laundry pile. Washing jeans too often can lead to a loosening and fading of denim that you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Sweaters, pullovers, and pants can actually go for several wears without needing to be washed or dry cleaned. Again, when it comes to nicer clothing it’s important to remember that every wash wears out the fabric just a little bit more. So keep washings to a minimum so you can wear it longer.

In addition, winter jackets should be dry cleaned once per season and cloth gloves, scarves, and winters hats about once per month.

You know what else helps? If you make you kids do their own laundry, that helps break the cycle of just putting a shirt in the hamper after merely trying it on. Trust us on that tip, shirts will magically find their way back to a hanger!

While not clothing, towels are another item that can fill up a hamper on a daily basis. We suggest hanging up towels to dry after a shower. Towels use a lot of energy to dry, so find a spot to hang and air dry them for a second use.

If you’re used to washing every item of clothing after every wash, this might seem both a little uncomfortable at first. But, you might have a little more free time and no one will know that it’s the second wearing of a pair of jeans.

By reducing your wash frequency, those nicer clothes will now be nicer that much longer. And in addition to preserving the quality of your clothes, you’re also conserving energy and saving money on your utility bills going forward.

Any way to you look it, doing a little less laundry is a gift that just keeps on giving.